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Who are we and what do we do?

Custom Auto Shield is proud to offer the X-Pel™ range of products to the Canadian Marketplace. We offer our own five year warranty on the kits we supply, and unlike many of our counterparts, offer Vehicle light protection in a specially produced optically clear heavy duty film. We believe that due to the laws of physics, the regular paint protection film is not adequate for the purposes of protecting Headlights (and fog lamps) from the risk of stone damage.

We have fully tested the implications of fitting these products to vehicles which have been re-sprayed or had smart repairs and well understand the implications of supplying this concept to cars already on the road. Whilst supplying the new vehicle market is important to us, we see no reason, why the consumer with a 2 year old car should be denied access to this concept, purely because of the potential interaction of the fitting chemicals with the common smart repair products is not fully accounted for.

We offer the consumer and the installer the benefit of a risk free solution to the problem of Stone Chipping.

By offering a full training course and solid warranty program to the public, we eliminate the need for a consumer to buy on the basis of trust alone, ask to see your installers training certificate ascertain whether the kit and film supplier have trained the installer to a rigorous standard. After all would you let an untrained mechanic work on your vehicle? Your installer will have on display his fitters certificates and his authorized installer certificates. If someone offers you this type of product without these safeguards then call us and let our installers give you the risk free solution.

"Your satisfaction is our primary concern not reducing costs".

Under the
X-Pel™ brand name, XPEL Technologies have forged the cutting edge of automotive paint and light protection kit technology. The XPEL Technologies state-of-the-art research and design departments relentlessly develop superior products that provide the ultimate solution to paint and light damage common with all vehicles. Our mission is to provide superior service, training, and support for our customers while being entirely dedicated to introducing the benefits this unique concept of paint and light protection has to offer to the motoring public.